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General Services
Whether you require an expert in residential, commercial, or industrial electricity, our team is at your disposal for all your electrical troubleshooting, maintenance, and installation needs. Our team of electrician’s service all over Ireland. At Ocean we will always ensure optimal electrical performance in all of our electrician’s work.

Installation and service upgrades
Ranging from small installations and service upgrades to a larger project, our team of electricians can take on any electrical challenge! We’ll ensure that all electrical components and systems are up to your standards when it comes to upgrades and installations!

Electrical Service Calls
If your electrical systems are functioning up to your standards, you may not need to call on experts like us. However, as soon as you notice a malfunction, defect, or serious problem, call one of our electricians right away! Ocean is committed to providing efficient electrical services on call to prevent lengthy interruptions to your routine or workflow. Regardless of the trouble’s complexity, our electricians never back down from a challenge!

Electrical Wiring
Ocean can provide service in a wide variety of electrical wiring. From generators to heat pumps and other devices like switches, receptacles, and light fixtures, you can count on us for a clean and safe installation! Our wiring services cover the residential, commercial, and agricultural sectors. For data, control, and low voltage wiring, you can always call upon our skilled electricians!

Skilled & Certified

We are Registered Electrical Contractors (REC) at Safe Electric. Ocean always provide RECI certificates upon completion of works. 

Our Customers

We do extensive work with Cash and Carry Kitchens, HSE and ABM Group to name but a few.

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Amongst the simplest examples are lighting up homes, charging electronic devices, running appliances, and so much more. In all these cases, electrical work comes into play as energy is converted from the electric power grid into another form such as light, heat, or mechanical energy.

The first rule of electrical safety is to always disconnect whatever you’re working on. This might mean unplugging an appliance that requires repairs or turning off a circuit breaker. You must disconnect before performing any electrical work to reduce the risk of electrocution.

As mentioned before, a property that is 30 years old and has its original wiring will most likely need to be rewired, not just for safety reasons, but also in order to meet modern standards.

The consumer unit trips out regularly, and fuses or bulbs blow. There’s a crackling or buzzing noise from electrical sockets. The electrical wiring is covered in black rubber, fabric or lead. There are signs of burning, such as discolouration around plugs and sockets or a burning smell.

  • Electric shock and burns from contact with live parts.
  • Injury from exposure to arcing – when electricity jumps from one circuit to another
  • Fire from faulty electrical equipment or installations.

Your electrics should be inspected and tested every: 10 years for an owner-occupied home. 5 years for a rented home.


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