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Emergency Lighting describes a system of lights that automatically turn on when the power supply fails. The term emergency lighting is used to describe both emergency escape lighting and standby lighting. Emergency lighting must be strong enough to guide people to an exit for the full period of time it takes to evacuate all inhabitants of the building. 

Emergency lighting is a fundamental element of public and commercial building safety. It must provide illumination of a sufficient level to allow all occupants to evacuate the premises safely. 

Skilled and Certified

We are Registered Electrical Contractors (REC) at Safe Electric. Ocean always provide RECI certificates upon completion of works.

Risk Assessment

It’s the responsibility of the fire risk assessor designated by the building’s owner to conduct a risk assessment to establish if and where emergency lighting is required.


Ocean will supply, install and maintain all emergency lighting. We can also carry out audits and supply annual and quarterly maintenance contracts to meet your statutory obligations for the maintenance of the emergency lighting systems on your property.

All about Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting indicates the safest way out of a building and is the primary route of escape in the event of an emergency. The lack of a clear escape route can cause panic and lead to people being trapped inside the building. For this reason, it is vital that the quickest ways out are well illuminated.

Every building, apart from single residential homes, needs emergency lighting. Owners of all  sizes of public and commercial buildings, as well as private multi-unit residences with shared areas, have a legal duty of care to protect occupants by installing and maintaining emergency lighting. Generally speaking, emergency lighting should be installed in the following areas of a building: 

Any change in floor level
Any change of direction
At firefighting equipment and fire alarm panel
At escape equipment for the disabled
At intersection of corridors
At emergency exits and outside towards a place of safety
Outside the final exit

Ref: Safecility


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