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We installs and maintain state of the art Fire Alarms.

A correctly installed and well-maintained fire alarm system will ensure the early detection of any fire, giving people more time to escape and reducing damage to buildings and contents. Commercial fire alarm systems might include a fire alarm panel, fire detectors such as smoke detectors and heat detectors, fire alarm sounders, fire alarm flashers and manual call points. 


Skilled & Certified

We are Registered Electrical Contractors (REC) at Safe Electric. Ocean always provide RECI certificates upon completion of works.

Competitive Prices

Our prices are competitive and we strive to get the job done expertly, efficiently whilst still being cost effective to our clients.

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About our Fire Alarms

Each detector and call point in the fire alarm system is connected to the main fire alarm control panel. You can set fire alarm zones using the fire alarm panel so in the event of fire you can quickly see which zone is at risk.


Smoke detectors measure the quantity of smoke within the detector chamber and can be the earliest signal of a fire. 

Heat detectors work by monitoring the temperature. If the temperature rises above a certain level, then the alarm is activated.



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